Favorite Kitchen Tools

Please know that I have extensively researched every one of these kitchen tools before I purchased them. That is right: Every product recommended here is currently being used in my kitchen and has been for years.

Earlywood Designs

Earlywood’s wooden utensils are well-loved by professional chefs and novices alike and in constant rotation in my kitchen. Whether it is the flat saute for breaking up ground meat and sauteing vegetables, the spreaders for any condiment or dip, the ladle that holds the perfect amount of soup, or any of their other selections, you really cannot go wrong.

✔️Lifetime and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
✔️Heirloom Quality, “buy me once,” philosophy
✔️Committed to Sustainability
✔️Functional and Beautiful Design
✔️Small Business and Made in the USA

Favorite Online Food Companies

The food companies I am recommending here have excellent customer service and high-quality products I use in my own kitchen. Let’s make your life easier and more delicious.

Blue Bottle Coffee

I used to purchase coffee beans from a local organic grocer and, more often than not, experienced disappointing results. Flat out, the coffee beans were not worth the price, but it was important to me to purchase sustainable coffee. Enter: Blue Bottle Coffee. I have been a subscription member for over six years, and it has been worth every penny. Now, every morning, I have the best cup of coffee, period.

✔️Transparent Sourcing from Farm-to-Fork
✔️Free Shipping with a Free Subscription, cancel anytime

The Spice House

The Spice House has a global network of premium growers and grinds their spices every week to ensure they are selling the freshest and most flavorful spices possible. In this case, the combination of reliable sourcing and attention to detail equals mouthwatering flavor.

✔️Small Business Owned
✔️Free Shipping Available
✔️Committed to Sustainability
✔️Reliably Sourced
✔️One-Stop-Shop for all of your spice needs

Butcher Box

For a lot of us, finding high-quality protein at a competitive price has grown to be difficult, sometimes nearly impossible, in the past year. For these reasons, I’m a huge fan of Butcher Box, a monthly subscription service that delivers 100% grass-fed beef, heritage breed pork, organic chicken, and wild-caught seafood right to your door. While I try to buy and eat locally as often as possible, I love using Butcher Box for its convenience and customizable options to fit my needs.

✔️Competitively priced at less than $6/meal
✔️Free Shipping
✔️Trusted and Sustainable Sourcing
✔️Deals Every Month!